Thousands of buildings in Phoenix will have no fire alarm monitoring when the 3G cellular sunset leaves fire systems inoperable.

How many of your buildings are impacted?

Watch the short video for more information about the 3G cellular sunset coming in early 2022. Contact Next Protection at 480.612.6600 for the solution or click here to send us a message.

NEXTconnect is Next Protection’s private wireless network.

Our technology provides your property with low cost monitoring with little reliance on 3rd parties to deliver critical signals to our UL listed dispatch center. NEXTconnect signal transmission typically takes just 1-3 seconds to communicate as compared to other technologies that can take up to 2 minutes. NEXTconnect eliminates the need for a pair of expensive telephone lines.

Monitoring of your fire alarm system may also be achieved utilizing cellular technology, telephone lines or the internet.

Next Connect

Access Control Systems

Our Access Control solutions protect and restrict access to your facilities. It is essential to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers. We help you achieve this by restricting access during normal business hours as well as afterhours. Limiting access to perimeter doors and critical areas is essential to protecting your assets, data and staff.

This video demonstrates that many Access Control systems can be defeated.

Our Access Control solutions can be as simple as a single door system, or an unlimited number of access points. No matter the size, nature or complexity of your facility, we can provide an Access Control solution that will restrict access to:

  • Lobby and office doors
  • Server rooms
  • Elevators
  • High value areas (cash, pharmaceuticals, sensitive records, equipment, inventory, etc.)
  • Parking garages and entry gates
  • Common area restrooms

Benefits of Access Control include:

  • Eliminating distribution of keys to your building
  • Ensure doors are secure without relying on staff to lock them
  • Add or delete access privileges remotely
  • Auditing of employees access to controlled areas
  • Providing photo ID badges for employees and visitors
  • Providing time and attendance of employees

Access control systems offer:

  • Simple remote management from your smartphone or web enabled device
  • Single door to unlimited door solutions
  • Single building to multi-building facilities
  • Smart card technology and biometric readers

Monitoring Technologies

  • NEXTconnect
  • Cellular
  • Telephone Lines
  • Internet

We provide monitoring service for all of our fire and security systems at our Scottsdale based UL listed monitoring center. We provide peace of mind with fast, accurate and responsive 24/7/365 monitoring service for:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Panic, hold-up, robbery
  • Medical alerts
  • Elevator telephones
  • Power failures, low battery
  • High – low temperature
  • Water, flood detection

Our courteous team of well trained dispatchers is always monitoring your protected premises, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of an alarm, our fully automated system instantly displays all necessary information and our dispatchers respond quickly and efficiently according to your personalized instructions.

Fire Alarms

Our life safety solutions are designed to help protect your customers, employees and property. Our NICET & CSA certified team members design your fire alarm system to meet national and local fire codes, including ADA requirements. Whether it is a fire sprinkler monitoring system or a multi-building campus, we have the product and team in place to design, install, service, test and monitor your facility.

Our team approach to your life safety solution includes coordination with your architect, engineer, heating/ventilating contractor, sprinkler contractor, elevator contractor and general contractor to assure your project is done right and completed on time.

Security Systems

We offer a variety of custom designed systems to meet your needs and budget.

Our systems are designed to protect your customers, employees, property and home from such threats as forced entry to your property, burglary and environmental damage.

  • Building intrusion detection: Use of door and window contacts, motion detectors and glass-break sensors.
  • Storage yard: Use of outdoor rated motion sensors, photo beams and fence protection devices.
  • Panic and hold-up: Use of concealed panic buttons and portable wireless pendant buttons.
  • Monitor critical conditions such as: Room temperature in LAN room, water detection and freezer temperatures.

Our systems can:

  • Identify the exact point of forced entry to your building and notify the police for quick alarm response.
  • Put you in control of adding and deleting user codes from easy-to-use keypads, touch-screen controls and mobile devices.
  • Provide enhanced web-based services with easy, any time access to remotely control your system or receive critical information about your alarm system.
  • Monitor your alarm system utilizing the most current wireless and IP technologies for faster, more reliable police response.

Surveillance Systems

We design and install video surveillance solutions for small, medium and large businesses that provide live & recorded images of parking areas, building entrances, high value storage and shipping/receiving docks.

Closed circuit video systems can help reduce risk, limit your liability, protect your employees and assets and reduce overall security cost by supplementing or, in some instances, even replacing expensive security guard services.

We provide free consultation and will custom design a video surveillance solution for your specific needs.

We offer analog, hybrid and IP video solutions from one camera to enterprise-wide systems.

Video solutions offer:

  • Superior image quality: HD quality for live VIEWING, recording and play back of images
  • IP/MEGAPIXEL CAMERAS: Can utilize your existing network and can reduce the number of cameras required to view large areas such as parking lots.
  • VIDEO RECORDING (NVR, DVR AND VMS): Provide the long-term video storage you require
  • Remote access: Allows you to view live and recorded video as well as control cameras from any PC or mobile device
  • Trouble alerts: Loss of video notification can be sent to your e-mail and mobile device.

Fire Inspection Services

Your life safety system is only effective if it is working correctly. NEXT PROTECTION provides assurance that your system is functioning properly by providing on-going test and inspection service as required by your insurance underwriter and local fire authorities.

Our test/inspection service follows NFPA 72 (the national fire code) for the method, frequency and recording of the fire test.

Whether you have an existing system installed by another company or you are in need of a new system of any size, let our team of NICET certified fire technicians assist you in protecting your assets.

We provide periodic testing for all the systems we install. Although most systems are trouble free, it is advisable to have an annual test and inspection done for all systems. In an effort to reduce false alarms, some municipalities now require an annual test for all security systems. Our annual service includes testing full functionality, stand-by batteries, cleaning lenses and adjusting detection devices. We also look for any physical changes or remodel work that you may have done over the year which could alter the effectiveness of detection devices and the operation of your system.

Fire alarm systems do require on-going test/inspection service. This is a requirement of your insurance underwriter as well as the local fire authority. NEXT PROTECTION provides assurance that your life safety system is functioning properly by providing periodic testing of the system. Our test/inspection service follows NFPA 72, the national fire code, as well as local fire codes for the method, frequency and recording of the fire test. All of our technicians are NICET certified to perform the test and inspection.

Whether you have an existing system installed by another company or are one of our existing customers, let our team of NICET certified technicians assist you in protecting your facility.

Fire Sprinklers

Next Protection provides the required inspections, maintenance, repairs and modifications of fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Next Protection provides the required inspections, maintenance, repairs and installation of portable fire extinguishers.

Backflow Prevention

Next Protection provides the required inspections, maintenance, repairs and replacement of backflow prevention assemblies.

Emergency Exit Lighting

Next Protection provides the required inspections, maintenance and repairs of emergency exit lights.