Access Control Systems

Our Access Control solutions protect and restrict access to your facilities. It is essential to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers. We help you achieve this by restricting access during normal business hours as well as afterhours. Limiting access to perimeter doors and critical areas is essential to protecting your assets, data and staff.

This video demonstrates that many Access Control systems can be defeated.

Our Access Control solutions can be as simple as a single door system, or an unlimited number of access points. No matter the size, nature or complexity of your facility, we can provide an Access Control solution that will restrict access to:

  • Lobby and office doors
  • Server rooms
  • Elevators
  • High value areas (cash, pharmaceuticals, sensitive records, equipment, inventory, etc.)
  • Parking garages and entry gates
  • Common area restrooms

Benefits of Access Control include:

  • Eliminating distribution of keys to your building
  • Ensure doors are secure without relying on staff to lock them
  • Add or delete access privileges remotely
  • Auditing of employees access to controlled areas
  • Providing photo ID badges for employees and visitors
  • Providing time and attendance of employees

Access control systems offer:

  • Simple remote management from your smartphone or web enabled device
  • Single door to unlimited door solutions
  • Single building to multi-building facilities
  • Smart card technology and biometric readers